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Does Your Team Bring Their Own Supplies?

We bring everything we need to complete each job, including any equipment, tools and cleaning agents. We typically have a very thorough in person or over the phone consultation with each client about all aspects of the job, including any allergies, sensitivities, preferences, property condition, and history of any specific issues or updates to the property that may affect the way that we handle cleaning any surface, for exply, if your bathtub has been refinished, if you have an allergy to a specific chemical, or if you are diabetic and have a sensitivity to lavender. Some people hate bleach, others hate pinesol. Sometimes wood surfaces haven’t been finished or coated and require extra attention, or some people prefer everything to be natural and eco friendly. We try to cover all of these things In our consultation, especially when servicing vacation homes and airbnb properties. I understand that no two guest or occupants are the same, and am open to constantly updating our protocols and supply lists to accommodate the individual needs of my clients, by staying up to date with what their guests need and expect. So yes, we bring everything we need based upon the idea that we have open and honest communication between our team, and our clients prior to our services.

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